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Thank you for purchasing the iZYREC digital voice recorder. We have been dedicated to making this product best of quality and easy to use. Your satisfaction is our highest priority! For instruction videos please visit our website at

If you have any question or problem with this product, please feel free to contact us through the online customer service and we will respond soon.

Product Elements

Recorder Set Up
To customize your recording preferences, we have developed the iZYREC app that can control the device wirelessly, and you can also access and manage the recorded files through the app. Download the app Search for izyrec in App Store or Google Play

Start Recording

Slide the switch towards the microphone to start recording.

If you want to prevent the indicator light showing red during recording, you can set to turn off the recording signal light in the App when connected with the device.

Stop Recording

Slide the switch to the middle and the recorder stops recording, the audio file will be saved automatically and the device will then be turned off.

The indicator light will go off.

Listening to recordings

Method 1: Connect to Mac or Windows computer via the USB, and wait for a few seconds before the U Disk is identified.

Method 2: Slide the switch towards the opposite direction of the microphone to start App Connect. Then you can sync the recordings through the iZYREC App and manage the files on your iPhone or Android phones.

You can turn on Wi-Fi fast transfer in the app to allow fast sync with the device. The speed of Wi-Fi syncing is 20 times faster than that of Bluetooth
Method 3: Use an usb adapter to connect with Android phones with OTG function

Voice Activated Recording (VAR)

You can activate the VAR function through the iZYREC app when connected with the device, then slide the switch to recoding mode, the recorder will only record when voice activity is detected and the device will last much longer. It is not advised to turn on the function for important recordings because the device may not activate recording when the sound is in low decibels and therefore cause loss of information.

Privacy Protection

You can activate the Privacy Protection function through recorder settings in the iZYREC app when connected with the device. When the Privacy Protection is on, the device will NOT be accessed through cable connections with PC or phones, and your recording files will be protected even when someone else possesses the device. Remember to turn this function off when you need to manage recordings through cable connections with your PC or smartphone.


1. Can the device record during charging?
2. Why are there two file formats of the recordings saved in the U Disk?
Each recording is saved in both WAV and ASR formats. The WAV format is compatible with most computer and mobile phones, while ASR is a special file format for the purpose of fast syncing with the app.
3. The device does not operate
The device may be out of power, so please charge it for 10 minutes and try again
4. The device does not record
Please check if the VAR function is on, since the recording may not start if the sound decibels are too low. In that situation, please turn off the VAR function to avoid this problem.
5. Failure to connect to computer
Please check if the device has been set to the Privacy Protection mode in the iZYREC app. Access is also impossible if the device is currently recording or paused in a recording state.

Product Disclaimer

Legal Restrictions
Please strictly abide by the relevant laws and do not use this product for any illegal purpose. The company does not make any commitments or take any responsibility for the consequences of illegal acts.

Privacy Protection
All data are only stored in the device if you do not use our free cloud services. And the recordings that you upload to the cloud are encrypted and safely protected.

Data Safety
The company is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal data caused by the mishandling of hardware, software, product maintenance, battery replacement or other unexpected situations, and it does not take liability for other indirect losses caused by this.

Product Setting
The actual settings and usage of this product may be inconsistent with this manual due to the upgrade of firmware program. Please understand the changes due to the performance and function of this product without prior notice.

Important Notice

Keep the device and the accessories away from children for they may lead to suffocation or other injuries of children. Do not expose the batteries (battery pack or batteries installed) to fire, excessive heat such as sunshine or the like for a long time.

Do not clean the recorder with chemical reagents or cleaning reagents, which will damage the surface of the recorder and corrode it.

Recording Back Up
Back up your recordings regularly, and the manufacturer is not held accountable for any loss of data.

If the product is not used for a long time, please charge and discharge the product once every 3 months to prevent battery damage.

Storage Capacity
The storage capacity of the device is 32GB. However, the system software will occupy a small portion of the storage space, which leaves the remaining storage space normally at 29 GB.
Product Warranty
18 Months Worry Free Warranty Customers of the iZYREC Recorder enjoys 18 months of warranty services as of the date of purchase. Customers shall show the valid invoices to enjoy the warranty service. The warranty service applies if The recorder is not dismantled, repaired, maintained or modified without permission; The recorder is not operated in abnormal environment; The recorder is not damaged due to violation against the user’s manual; The recorder has not experienced collision, falling and bending due to improper storage, or faults and major deformations due to liquid leakage in humid places. If you encounter problems using this device, please make contact through our customer support email or directly reach out to us over the iZYREC app. Please provide your order ID, SN Number, and App version for more effective reply.