Smallest & Most Easy-to-Use Voice Recorder

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Tiny but Mighty

The ultra-compact and portable iZYREC professional voice recorder substantially empowers your recording capabilities.

18g Ultralight | 75-Day Battery Life | 1536Kbps HD Mic | AI Noise Canceling | 32GB EMMC storage

18g Feather Light

Visualized Playback

Playback your recordings and view them as waveforms in the App. Quickly and easily identify the important moments of your recordings and mark them to replay with ease, saving you much time and effort.

Compatible with iPhone & Android

Could not playback your audio on your phone before? iZYREC recorder is the solution. The recorder is the only one that is both iPhone and Android compatible!

10m Sound Pickup

The voice recorder can capture sounds up to 10 meters away without interference and amplify far-off sounds to produce recording clarity that rivals nearby sources.

Hear What They Say

Johnathan Steven

Got mine in and all set up. Did a couple to quick test recording from the app control mode and it seems to work great!

David Chittenden

Congrats, setup was simple enough that the basic info written here was enough. Recording is excellent.

Frank Lozano

I was SO HAPPY to get my 2 recorders, I love how small it is and the sound is amazing for the size.