iZYREC MINI Voice Recorder Black
iZYREC MINI Voice Recorder Black
Begin voice recoding with a simple slide
iZYREC MINI Voice Recorder Black
iZYREC MINI Voice Recorder Black
iZYREC MINI Voice Recorder Black
iZYREC MINI Voice Recorder Black

iZYREC MINI Voice Recorder Black

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  • Enhanced App Experience: The iZYREC MINI voice recorder works even better with its app. Easily find and play your audio files, organize them, and share with others – all through the user-friendly iZYREC app.
  • Fits Anywhere Discreetly: Half the size of a credit card and as thick as a coin the iZYREC MINI voice recorder can go anywhere and record discreetly. It comes with a clip and Velcro for hands-free recording.
  • Easy Recording: Just slide to start recording – the mini voice recorder is always ready.
  • Great Sound Quality: The iZYREC voice recorder features AI Noise Canceling and dual Knowles SiSonic microphones for super clear audio at up to 1536 Kbps.
  • Record for 30 Hours: Equipped with a 450 mAh battery, the iZYREC MINI can record for up to 30 hours non-stop and remains ready for up to 75 days.
  • Large Capacity: The mini recorder utilizes eMMC storage. With 32GB, it stores up to 240 hours, and with 64GB, it stores up to 480 hours of recordings.
  • Protect Your Files: Ensure the security of your voice memos with iZYREC's file protection. Even if someone has your mini recorder, they can't access your files from a smartphone.

Record Anywhere, Anytime.

Record anytime with the iZYREC MINI voice recorder
tiny but mighty

One Slide Recording.

Start the voice recording
with just a slide.

iZYREC MINI voice recorder that starts recording with one slide recording

Record Up to 10m

Capture every detail with crystal clear audio quality during long-table meetings,
thanks to iZYREC's Knowles SiSonic Microphones and AI noise canceling technology.

Record Up to 10m


all noise cancelling

AI Noise

Voice recorder that easily picks up sounds up to 10 meters away

Manage Recordings Easily with iZYREC App

visualized playback

Visualized Playback

Effortlessly identify and mark crucial information during playback with the iZYREC App for easy organization later.

Visualized Playback
Wi-Fi Fast Transfer
fast transfer

Fast Transfer

Easily synchronize, delete, and share your recording files with the iZYREC App. Usually, it only takes 15 seconds to sync a one-hour audio file via Wi-Fi Fast Transfer!

Suitable for Various Scenarios

voice memo
lecture note
music composition

Record Voice Anywhere

With velcro, the iZYREC MINI voice recorder can be easily attached to your car, sofa, table, and more, providing you the ability to record at a moment's notice.

Record voice anywhere with iZYREC MINI voice recorder

30-Hour Recording

The iZYREC MINI offers 30 hours of
continuous recording and up to
75 days of standby time.

30-hour Recording

Large Memory Capacity

32GB eMMC can store up to
240 hours, and 64GB eMMC can
store up to 480 hours of recordings.

Large Memory Capacity

Record with More Confidence

Voice-activated Recording

Voice-Activated Recording (VAR)

VAR technology triggers recording and storage for sounds above 45dB, conserving battery and skipping silence, saving search time.


Comparison traditional voice recorder and smartphone with iZYREC MINI voice recorder


  • Dimensions: 2.0 x 1.7 x 0.25 inches
  • Weight: 18g
  • Memory Capacity: 32GB / 64GB
  • Maximum Recording Time: 240 / 480 Hours
  • Recharge Times: 2 Hours
  • Battery Capacity: 450mAh
  • Continuously Recording: 30 Hours
  • Standby Time: 75 Days
  • Effective Recording Range: 10 Meters
  • Recording Playback: APP / Laptop / PC
  • Model Number: MR-001

Customer Reviews

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My product was marked delivered and there are pictures. But I did not receive the product

Dear Customer,

We have received your message regarding the delivery of your product. According to our records and the delivery photographs, the package was marked as delivered to your door. We are concerned to hear that you have not received it.

Could you please confirm if you have had the chance to locate the package since it was marked delivered? Sometimes, parcels may be placed in less visible areas by the delivery personnel or taken in by neighbors for safekeeping.

We also wanted to mention that we had previously sent an email to follow up on this matter but have not yet received a response. Your feedback is crucial for us to take appropriate steps and assist you further.

If the package is still missing, we would like to investigate this matter promptly with our delivery service and ensure a resolution. Please let us know your current situation regarding the delivery, and we will do everything possible to assist you.

David B
A personal assistant easy to work with...

I love it, I use it for personal memos, to track ideas and thoughts throughout the day, and at night I take a moment to collect and listen to the recordings, It is very easy to use, has great sound quality and the battery lasts forever :)

Yiomara Gomez

iZYREC MINI Voice Recorder Black

Santa A.
Muy buen producto , lo recomiendo

Es muy útil , grava por mas de ocho horas al día

So Far, It is OUT………..

Out of the box, and works well. It is thin and small, with long battery life, and sensitive microphones. The controls are in the app, which is the way I would design it. Simple switch on the unit let’s you work it without the app. The recording on light is able to be turned off, if stealth recording is wanted- a symbol of quality design and construction. It appears it is selling like hotcakes and I now know why. Get you one, you will not be disappointed.